14 Things You Will Always Find on Indian Buses

14 Things You Will Always Find on Indian Buses

1) Someone sharing their music at top volume

2) Someone talking loudly on their phone

3) Someone with a window open despite freezing cold air in the middle of the night

4) Someone spitting

5) A moment where, but not for the first time, you are praying that the brakes are working well

6) Children. Need I say more

7) 15 people trying to get on – before anyone can get off

8) No below-bus storage compartment – giant pack under seat = no leg space

9) Women who pack their entire house into carry bags for the trip

10) The same women trying to fit said bags into tiny over-head racks – and finding they DON’T FIT

11) Three people arguing over the same seat despite designated seat numbers

12) People that stare at you and all your not-Indian-ness

13) Someone that is drunk

and if you’re really lucky…

14) Some Hare Krishnas or another equally happy clappy group happy to sing for the entire journey. Non-stop.


3 thoughts on “14 Things You Will Always Find on Indian Buses

  1. Ha, ha! Don’t forget the bus driver constantly pressing on the horn – usually while overtaking on a blind bend; someone behind you or in front of you pushing your window closed so that they can have more window open themselves; someone leaning across you every five minutes to spit paan out of the window; someone coming on board and asking for a donation or wanting to bless you; a ganesha hanging on the dashboard to protect you all so that the bus driver can overtake on blind corners by virtue of just sounding his horn; ancient piles of rubbish and thick dust covering the floors; a vastly delayed departure because the bus isn’t going anywhere until it’s full….Yep it’s quite an experience. But it’s also incredibly cheap and the views out the window make up for everything…Happy days!

  2. Seems number 1 is universal! Except I would think that the music played would be a little more gangster here somehow haha. So glad you have a blog Nae 🙂

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