2013: A Poetic Recap

This year snuck me up a little from afar,

I rung the New Year in actually walking to the bar.

I missed that bloody countdown that we all anticipate,

running down the sidewalk, true to style – completely late.

But this wouldn’t be a show of what’s to come for me this year,

I planned on making money then getting me right outta there.

I worked my little butt off, making wine and squishing grapes,

Then I chucked that funny hat on and I went to graduate.

I flew on up to Thailand where I lazed up on a beach,

Did a little snorkelling, and burnt up like a peach.

I didn’t ride an elephant or touch tigers while I’s there,

Or see a dancing monkey – non of which I think are fair.

I travelled on to Laos leaving sawaide kaaaa behind,

Explored the Northwest corner to see what I could find.

‘Scooted’ to the border of China just to see,

I’m not really sure what exactly, but that was fine with me.

I lost my favourite jandals in a scary kayak trip,

Then travelled in a dodgy bus that threatened it’d tip.

As luck would have it we were in a place that served a great baguette,

After two months eating rice and noodles, any better could this get?

A dodgy city tour by a local Burmese man,

Welcomed us to Yangon like only cities can.

We moved from golden temple to golden rock upon a hill,

That forbade that women touched it, which really made me ill.

Then Bagan valley called us, with its 2000 temples old,

A special place at sunrise with stupas red and gold.

A giant lake with gardens and a Buddhist monastry,

A shop with long-necked ladies, was Inle Lake for me.

Then we touched on Indian soil where crazy took a hold,

Where nothing works on logic, and no-one fits the mold.

A train to a charming tea-town, then to see a rhino bathe,

Then a double decker root bridge in the hills – that was my fav.

I watched some bodies burning, and tried yoga on a roof,

I went to watch some border guards that marched around like goofs.

I saw the Dalai Lama – actually his house was what I saw,

I rode a desert camel, and then slept upon the floor.

For Christmas day the Taj Mahal was where we chose to be,

And next we’ll head for New Years to a place that’s alcohol free.

I haven’t thought of resolutions or how next year should be,

I only hope it’s really full of brilliant things for me!

Triund, India

Triund, India


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